FIBA Asia Bans – Abbie


FIBA has had to deal with banning the Russian Basketball League recently, and now they are dealing with problems in Japan. The stakes of the Olympics are also an issue for Japan just like in my previous post about the Russian Basketball League. Japan is currently banned from all FIBA activities and this could be a problem for their basketball team because Japan is the host of the 2020 Summer Olympics. Imagine being banned from all FIBA activities which prohibits you from playing in the Summer Olympics hosted in your own country. This ban was placed on Japan in November 2014 after FIBA had warned Japan to unify its national federation with its professional leagues. The failure to do that has made FIBA ban Japan from all FIBA activities. FIBA does not want to see something like this happen so they have used some of their staff to help Japan get their basketball leagues up and running again. Japan is not alone because reports have shown that South Korea is having very similar problems with FIBA. If they also do not unify all of their leagues they too will be banned for the same reason as Japan. FIBA is not just picking on these countries and forcing them to condense their leagues for no reason, they have noticed the development of basketball in these countries is slower than average because of the multiple divisions and leagues that they do have. Another problem with South Korea is that they are not able to host international events. This is a problem because in order to host an event you need a strong organization and if a country is not able to host an international event then that means their organization needs to become stronger.

FIBA Asia Bans – Abbie

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